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"We offer you a pass solution to make sure you have the skills needed. As soon as you have passed we will send a copy of your certificate to your nominated council.
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    Safeguard Your Future 
    Councils across the country are clamping down and removing licenses from 1000s of taxi drivers who do not match up to their expected high standards.

    Local authorities are demanding high standards from new taxi drivers. You need to act now.
    The Standard Required
    • Does your eyesight meet the legal requirements?
    •  Are you a safe driver...can you prove it?
    •  Manoeuvres to demonstrate you can safely turn your car in the opposite direction
    •  Independent driving without being given turn-by-turn instructions
    •  Safe passenger entry/exit routine 
    •  Tested on best practice scenarios, for example, what to do when someone leaves behind their property.
    •  Theory test training to demonstrate you understand and can comply to the Highway Code
    •  Emergency stop procedure 
    •  Safely loading and unloading a wheelchair into the vehicle
    •  How to use wheelchair brakes 
    •  Supporting disabled people with entry and entry
    •  How to fasten seatbelts/harness while respecting the personal space and comfort of the passenger
    Do Not Risk Your Licence
    All it takes is a visit from a council tomorrow to check your licence and you could lose everything overnight. 
    Be 100% sure to have your taxi assessment certificate
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    There are 3 assessments:

    1. Standard Taxi Assessment
    2. Enhanced Assessment - Wheelchair
    3. Wheelchair Upgrade.

    The driving Assessment

    This involves an eyesight test. Be able to read a number plate from 20 metres away.
    During your Assessment the assessor will ask you to carry out the below:

    -Carry out a manoeuvre where you will turn around safely
    -Stop at the side of the road as though dropping off or picking up
    -Drive around 10 minutes without being given step by step directions
    -Some questions from the Highway Code and related questions

    Wheelchair Exercise

    If you would like to take the enhanced assessment you will be assessed on the wheelchair exercise. You must bring a wheelchair accessible vehicle, however, we have got plenty of contacts and you can hire a vehicle from them. During the assessment you will need to show that you can complete the following:

    -Safely load & unload the wheelchair in & out of the vehicle
    -Secure the wheelchair using brakes and release it & fasten safety belts or harness
    -Fasten the seat belts or any safety harness & secure all belts and clamps fitted to the vehicle

    The vehicle you can use for the test must be:

    -Insured for the purpose of the test
    -MOT, taxed and roadworthy
    -All tyres legal
    -Head restraint and seatbelt for assessor

    Documents to bring with you:

    -Your driving Licence
    If it's the old style, your passport

    Passing the Assessment:

    When you have passed, you will receive a certificate on the day. This must be sent electronically to the council.

    Failing the Assessment:

    If you are unsuccessful, the assessor will give you a full debrief and explain what you need to do next time to improve. We call it an action plan and the assessor will ensure you fully understand what is required to improve.

    Appealing your Assessment:

    If you wish to appeal the assessment, please contact the email below within 7 days and your appeal will be considered.

    Local Authority:

    Any local authority that requires taxi testing please contact us. We can carry out tests nationwide.
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