Become A taxi driver and be your own boss...
"We offer you a pass solution to make sure you have the skills needed. As soon as you have passed we will send a copy of your certificate to your nominated council.
 We'll help you get your job! 
    You Could Start Next Week
    If you want to be your own boss then you could be a taxi driver. 
    Local council authorities issue the licences and you need more than your UK driving licence, you have to prove you are a safe driver and that is where we can help!

    We Will Also Help You Find Work
    At Mann Fleet, once you have completed your testing and we have issued your certificate, on your behalf we will contact the local taxi companies for you. We'll tell them about the training you have just taken, the certificate you have earned and we will also inform the taxi companies your certificate has been passed onto the local authorties.

    With your permission we can pass on your contact details so the taxi companies can discuss you working in their team. 

    The Local Council
    Every council across the country is demanding all taxi drivers are safe drivers and you need to prove it. So here at Mann Fleet we make your life easy. 

    All you need to do is take our 2 hour training program followed by a short test to show you are safe and we'll send your certificate to the local council and taxi companies!
    Do Not Risk Your Licence
    Local authorities are now insisting upon recommended training and testing. People who do not take the assessment RISK being banned and possibly fined. It is in your favour to call Mann Fleet today.
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